"Finding Revolution Books as a Disillusioned Bernie Sanders Person"

I found Revolution Books after getting involved with the Bernie Sanders campaign. I had never been interested in politics that much, but I saw the country going to a shithole and the only person who was speaking to me at the time was Bernie. But that collapsed, the hopes and dreams everyone put on him were dissipating quickly. I stumbled on Revolution Books after going to the vigil for the Orlando shooting and meeting Revolution Club members. I was outraged and since then I've been coming here to Revolution Books for answers I hadn't found anywhere else about the political status of this country, some solutions to take, and I've been changing my mind about how politics can affect me and how I can help make change. There is not enough action going on, there are a lot of promises that are empty and people are just losing hope. For somebody like me who didn't have much hope to begin with, it's disillusioning because I put so much effort to believing in false candidates and now we're in the same place.

At Revolution Books I found and read the Constitution written by Bob Avakian [Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America, from the Revolutionary Communist Party (Draft Proposal)] where it explains in detail the specific plan to make a world where we can all be equal. This all especially made sense to me after a Revolution Club member read to me the Six Resolutions [of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party] which I agreed with. After losing hope in so many systems and societies that failed, whether it was imperialistic or capitalist or communist, the Constitution has a realistic plan for achieving a different society with revolution. It spoke to me and the world I want to see. I also found Revolution newspaper here, which I help translate for. I've found articles that inform on a lot of things I didn't know before regarding the political status of this country and the world and how to make change.

I also keep coming to Revolution Books because I'm an artist and it helps me understand what we aren't taught or don't speak about in the arts, when in reality every work of art is an expression of a political environment because it's a reaction to whatever goes around you -- and the more you learn the better!

Finally, I wanted to make sure and include the feeling of community that the store gives out. It's very welcoming and you immediately feel like the people here are a second family. So please donate and support Revolution Books because all this needs ALL OF US to continue and to grow!