April 11 17x22in poster


On the Occasion of the
Publication of BAsics:
A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World

April 11, 7pm
Harlem Stage at Aaron Davis Hall
on the campus of the City College of New York


A Plan to Break BAsics into the Atmosphere

from "Get Ready for the Publication of BAsics,
...and for the April 11 Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World"

"There's going to be a message coming out of Harlem that night—in short, that revolution and the vision of a new world is something to celebrate... and that this author needs to become much more broadly known and his ideas and works need to become a major point of reference among people who are disturbed about the state of the world and seeking (or seriously engaging with the question of whether there could be) another, better world. That's a powerful and very important message linking up with and amplifying a powerful and important book. Unleash the Potential But for this celebration to be what it needs to be, for it to reach its potential, for it to play the role it has to play in shining a light on this important new book, a lot of work must be done—AND YOU NEED TO BE PART OF DOING THIS NECESSARY WORK!":


Come to a planning meeting! Every Saturday, 4pm at Revolution Books, 146 W26th St.

Volunteers are needed for press, internet promotion, street promotion and event production.

We are looking for graphic designers, web designers, film editors, sound editors, and much more!

Email basicsevent@yahoo.com or call 212.691.3345