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You can also donate or sustain by making out a check to "Revolution Books" and mail to Revolution Books, 146 W. 26th Street, New York City, NY 10001

If you wish to give this as a gift from someone else, call us at 212-691-3345 or e-mail us with the person's information.  

What you can do to help save Revolution Books:

Revolution Books has to move from its 26th street location by May 31. As soon as funds are raised and a new location secured, the bookstore will re-open. $150,000 is needed to do this.

Friends, this is an emergency! If the thousands of people who know and value this bookstore -- YOU -- contribute all you can now, and enlist your friends, Revolution Books will not be lost, it will re-open as soon as possible.

" . . . We give, give, give to all kinds of crap all of the time, and I say this with no judgment because indeed we do have to live in this horrible exploitative world alongside our burning to change it. But, instead of say buying cage-free chickens here or there, or buying American made clothing, or local vegetables in an attempt to be free or under the illusion that those choices will free us, you can really DO something with your money! You can sustain a bookstore that is a part of a movement of ending all of oppression and in doing so opens its doors to anyone and everyone who wants to lift their head, raise their fist, and, yes, put on their reading glasses and critical thinking hat. This is the MOST important thing you can do with your money and this is why I gave to Revolution Books!"
-- a young woman member of the NY Revolution Club

"If you look honestly at the world today, if you look at people fleeing North Africa and drowning in the sea; if you look at the situation of Black people being killed in this country every day and the mass incarceration of Black and Latino people; if you look at the planet being destroyed, it should occur to you that this system is in deep trouble and there is the possibility, if people work on this in the right way, that we could change all this! It is an insane and criminally absurd world we are living in right now.

"What Revolution Books brings to this situation is the ability for people to engage the books, the artists, the scholars, the scientists – and most of all the movement for revolution and the new synthesis, the new understanding of the science of communism that has been developed by Bob Avakian. And we're able to mix that up and look at all that and find out how the world can be radically transformed and be at the center of the movement that could make that real."

-- Andy Zee, spokesperson for Revolution Books. Read more here.

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Revolution Books is a not-for-profit institution with an all-volunteer staff.



$65/yr (Basic sustainer):

Receive a copy of BAsics, from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian. or a Revolution Books Coffee Mug or Tote Bag

$35/month or more:

You receive all the above, plus every other month you receive a great new book. We send you a selection of 3-4 books to choose from (this month's selections below). We will mail your book or you can pick it up (just email us at

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Get 10% off books, free admission to most events, a Revolution Books coffee mug or tote bag.


You receive all the above, plus a special gift, below on the right.


You receive all the above, plus 2 special gifts, below on the right.


You receive all the above, plus 3 special gifts, below on the right.

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