If you find the current state of the world intolerable … if you yearn for a better future
. . . Revolution Books is the place for you.

Revolution Books breathes a rebellious spirit that refuses to accept that the horrors of today's world must be. People come into Revolution Books from all over the world to find the books and the deep engagement with each other about why the world is the way it is and the possibility of a radically different way the world could be. Scientific and poetic, wrangling and visionary, Revolution Books is at the center of building a movement for revolution.

At the core of Revolution Books is a new synthesis of communism developed by Bob Avakian based on summing up the positive and negative experience of the communist revolution so far and drawing from a broad range of human experience. This new conception presents a viable vision and a strategy for a radically new and much better society that is overcoming all the inequities of the current order while giving great scope to intellectual work, ferment, and dissent as integral to the emancipation of humanity.

The pathways to understanding and changing the world spring from many different channels – culture, morality, scientific discovery as well as politics and economics. This is why Revolution Books offers a wide ranging collection of progressive books and DVD's on history and political theory, novels and poetry, atheism and science, geopolitics and philosophy, visual art and film, as well as children's literature and books in Spanish. Author readings, forums, film screenings, and open mic poetry nights at Revolution Books percolate with critical engagement provoked by a store with a scientific spirit and revolutionary passion to change the world.