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April 23, Wednesday, 7pm
Author program:
Panther Baby with Jamal Joseph


Joseph is a writer, director, producer, poet, activist, and educator. He was one of the original Panther 21, incarcerated for his participation in the Black Panther Party.

"So we walk into the [Black Panther] office and I'm the youngest one. I have the most to prove. And the gentleman who was running the meeting was explaining the Panther 10 point program. We want freedom. We want the power to determine the destiny of our community, full employment for our people, decent housing fit for shelter for human beings, better education. Nothing in there about killing a white dude, but I jump up. I'm not hearing him. And I said, choose me, brother. Arm me. I'll kill a white dude right now. Whole meeting gets quiet. The gentleman calls me up front, reaches in the bottom drawer. My heart's pounding. I was like, oh, he's going to give me a big gun, like with the Panther logo on the bottom. And he hands me a stack of books. Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon, Soul On Ice by Eldridge Cleaver. So now I think this must be a test. You know, he's trying to check me out to see if I really want to be down, you know, with the Panthers. I said, excuse me, brother. I thought you were going arm me. He said, young brother, I just did."

Suggested donation $10.

April 29, Tuesday, 7pm
Film screening:
The Great Book Robbery


This film documents the looting of 30,000 books from Arab neighborhoods during the establishment of Israel. Today, about six thousand of these books can be found on the shelves of Israel's National Library, indexed with the label AP for "Abandoned Property."

This entirely unknown historical event came into light by chance; an Israeli PhD student - while researching in various state archives - stumbled upon documents from 1948-9 that mentioned "collecting books in Arabic from occupied territories." It illuminates the disaster inflicted upon the Palestinian people and their culture in 1948. A particularly chilling document from March 1949 lists tens of Jerusalemites whose libraries were "collected" – it reads like a Who's Who of the Palestinian cultural elite of the time.

May 8, Thursday, 7:30pm
A Benefit Evening for Revolution Books

a conversation between
REVOLUTION... an exchange of views:
Lessons from the past...
Urgency for the future


In conjunction with the Spring 2014 issue of Lapham's Quarterly on "REVOLUTIONS"

Limited Seating. Call 212-691-3345, come in,
or buy tickets online.

$30 general admission
$100 premium book ticket (includes Lapham's Quarterly and BAsics from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian)
$100 premium dinner ticket (includes dinner with Lewis Lapham and Andy Zee @ 5:45pm at nearby restaurant)

Proceeds from this evening will go toward winning Revolution Books a new lease and enabling the store to remain a center for revolution and accessible to all those who yearn for a different future, at a time when so many institutions of critical thinking are being driven out of Manhattan.

June 9, Monday, 7pm
Author program:
High Price with Carl Hart


Carl Hart will read and discuss his new book, High Price: A Neuroscientist's Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society.

High Price is the harrowing and inspiring memoir of neuroscientist Carl Hart, a man who grew up in one of Miami's toughest neighborhoods and, determined to make a difference as an adult, tirelessly applies his scientific training to help save real lives.

In this provocative and eye-opening memoir, Dr. Carl Hart recalls his journey of self-discovery, how he escaped a life of crime and drugs and avoided becoming one of the crack addicts he now studies. Interweaving past and present, Hart goes beyond the hype as he examines the relationship between drugs and pleasure, choice, and motivation, both in the brain and in society. His findings shed new light on common ideas about race, poverty, and drugs, and explain why current policies are failing.

Dr. Hart is an Associate Professor of Psychology in both the Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology at Columbia University, and Director of the Residential Studies and Methamphetamine Research Laboratories at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. A major focus of Dr. Hart's research is to understand complex interactions between drugs of abuse and the neurobiology and environmental factors that mediate human behavior and physiology.


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Book of the Week


This week's Book of the Week is Gaza Writes Back: Short Stories from Young Writers in Gaza, Palestine by Refaat Alareer, editor, published by Just World Books.

A compelling collection of short stories from fifteen young writers living now in Gaza, members of a generation that has suffered immensely under Israel's siege and blockade.

gw The editor and two of the authors at Revolution Books

"These stories are a heartfelt rendition of life under occupation. The young writers give a fresh look at a generations-old crisis. They represent the resilience of the Palestinian people and their refusal to submit to a life of dejection. What these stories provide, more than anything, is a human side to a conflict that remains largely faceless to the rest of the world. These stories are about parents and children, neighbors and friends, all of whom share a common tragedy."
-- Ramzy Baroud, author, My Father was a Freedom Fighter: Gaza's Untold Story

Gaza Writes Back is a 208-page paperback $20.00 value for only $14 at Revolution Books for one week only.

Now available on DVD!


For an evening, on April 11, 2011, hundreds of people joined in a thrilling taste of revolutionary possibility at Harlem Stage in NYC. BAsics from the talks and writings of Bob Avakian—the handbook for revolution in the twenty-first century—had just been published (and today is in its second printing). To mark the occasion, musicians, dancers, poets, actors, visual artists, came together with revolutionaries and activists from the 1960s down to today for a cultural event titled: "On the Occasion of the Publication of BAsics: A Celebration of Revolution and the Vision of a New World."

75min DVD for $14.00. Price includes sales tax and shipping.

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We are assembling a large collection of good used books, including a treasure house of rare books-- the hidden histories of the Soviet and Chinese revolutions, memoirs from the 60s Black liberation and women's movements, out-of-print chronicles of struggles in Africa, Latin America, Asia... art books, novels, poetry...

Bring your books to Revolution Books and we will get them back in circulation to the people who yearn for a different future. And you will help keep this revolutionary bookstore open.



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